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Alonza is an absolutely gorgeous well bred 16.2h Registered Shire Mare. She has an amazing gentle personality that everyone falls in love with. She has beautiful feathering, a long mane and tail and perfect conformation. Alonza is an experienced trail and parade horse that attracts a lot of attention wherever she goes. Alonza does not have any bad habits, she is 100% healthy and sound and current on all vaccinations and worming. She loves attention and people and is very gentle and easy going. She is easy to saddle and ride and perfect for any level of rider. Alonza gets along with our mares and geldings with no issues, she is not aggressive or marish in the pasture. She always comes to us in the pasture and is very loving and affectionate. She is in foal for a 2013 foal to our fabulous Shire - Foundation Drum Stallion below, Dances With Lord DaBacka
Stunning & Exotic!
In Foal To Drum Stallion
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Phone: (517) 499-8266
Phone: (517) 499-8266
Royal is a breathtaking 7 year old 16h Spotted Tennessee Walker Gelding. He is registered with the International Spotted Horse Association. Royal has been on hundreds of trail rides and is a phenomenal trail horse. He has incredibly smooth gaits and will ride all day long and not tire. He has exotic markings with a gorgeous mane and tail. He is 100% healthy and sound and current on all vaccinations, worming and current coggins. Royal does not have any bad habits and he will load, clip, bath and stand quietly for mounting and dismounting. He has wonderful forward movement and loves to go riding. He is the perfect trail partner and will go wherever you point him. He is not spooky and is traffic and road safe. He has been overnight camping and has no bad habits. Royal gets along with other horses and absolutely loves attention. He is well broke, well mannered and a dream on the trails. Royal stands out wherever he goes and has a look at me attitude!
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Phone: (517) 499-8266
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Our horses are very important to us and they are given a tremendous amount of love, care and attention. We do a great deal of trail riding and our horses are used to being around dogs, traffic, tractors and other distractions. We ride in several parades throughout the year and our horses are well socialized with other horses. Many of our horses are used for lessons and teaching. We also breed sporthorses and own numerous other animals which means we can't keep them all based on space constraints. When we do offer our horses for sale, we strive to place them in ideal homes with loving, responsible and knowledgable horse owners who will provide continued love and the best care possible.
We encourage all customers to visit our Satisfied Clients page. Most of our customers have purchased horses sight unseen and have found the process seamless. In addition, we have a number of repeat customers as well as customers that are referred to us. We do sell a number of horses across the country to mounted police divisions. We make every effort to make the purchase process simple and easy. We make all of the transportation arrangements for your new horse and we work with insured reputable hauling companies.
Our horses receive professional Farrier service every 8 weeks. They maintain current vaccination & worming records at all times. Our horses are turned out 24 / 7 and are free to roam, run and play with full access to shelter. Our horses have 24 hour access to fresh water, hay and or pasture at all times. Our horses do not have any vices such as bad stall or ground manners. Our horses are extensively ridden on trails and we ride all year around rain, shine and in the snow. We use our horses and expose them to everything possible.
We have put together short videos of our horses to show that they are broke to ride, they are sound, sane, and well mannered under saddle. We do not use professionals who show or train horses in our videos, just pleasure riders. Please don't request a video asking that the horse perform every gait possible. The video is a merely a courtesy to show the horse's basic movement. We have hundreds of photos of our horses, so if you would like to see more, please email us. If you have any questions about any horse, please feel free to ask.
The horses that are offered for sale are our personal horses, either bred and raised by us or purchased as a personal horse for pleasure trail riding, showing or as lesson horses. When we offer them for sale, they are believed to be healthy and sound and made available to other knowledgeable horse owners. The buyer is welcome to have a prepurchase vet exam. Horses are not Christmas sweaters and subject to return. If you purchase a horse please take 100% responsibility for it. If you are not satisified, we can assist you in reselling the horse on our website at no charge to you.
Please visit the Dances with Horses Store. We offer world class, top quality horse tack and supplies. Please contact us with the items you are interested in and we will provide you a price far below retail. We have multiple wholesale providers available to us and make every effort to provide you with the best and most reasonable price on the items of your choice.
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Our horses are not offered for sale unless they have been extensively trail ridden, exposed to wildlife, pets, vehicles, water, rough terrain and other distractions. Our horses will stand for the farrier, load in the trailer, bath, cross tie and stand to be mounted. They do not have any bad habits or vices on the ground, in the saddle or in the stall. We are happy to assist you in making all shipping arrangements and getting your new horse home, regardless of the distance.

 If you are not happy with the horse you purchase for any reason, we will gladly assist you in reselling the horse on our website at no charge.
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Our Videos are also available on YouTube if you have difficulty viewing them on our website. Please click icon below.
We are happy to assist you in making all shipping arrangements by insured professional horse haulers. We ship throughout the United States and we are able to provide the best shipping rates possible. Buyers are encouraged to place insurance on their horse during the shipping process.
All of our horses are sold and believed to be 100% healthy and sound. We also provide the new owner with a current coggins, health certificate, worming & current vaccination record. The new owner is more than welcome to conduct a pre-purchase medical exam on any horse prior to it leaving our property by a licensed veterinarian of their choice.
Contact Us Anytime: (517) 499-8266
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Tango is a very well bred Registered Tennessee Walker Gelding. He stands 15 hands. His gaits are very, very smooth and he will stay in his gait as asked. Tango as the most beautiful smooth canter that is easy to sit and incredibly comfortable to ride if asked to break his gait. Tango has no bad habits and is 100% healthy and sound. He is current on his Coggins and sells with a Health Certificate, current worming and vaccinations records. Tango is a dream trail horse, he has absolutely zero bad habits and he loves to trail ride. He is NOT spooky and as steady as they come on the trails. He has hundreds of trail miles and is used to all kinds of traffic, distractions and any other things you may encounter on the trails. Tango has a fantastic disposition and he loves attention. I can't say enough about him, he truly has no bad habits and is a dream trail partner that will cross whatever terrain you face. He would be a perfect family or show horse and is NOT herd bound. He loves to ride alone or in groups and will not fuss or resist. He stands great on a picket line and has been overnight camping many times. Trail horse deluxe with a personality to match.
Dabacka is an absolutely stunning and gorgeous double Registered Shire Stallion and he is registered as a Foundation Drum Stallion. He has produced amazing foals, with size, chrome and incredible amounts of hair. Dabacka's registered name is Swiss Shire Colonel. He is a 17.2H, 9 year old truly magnificant horse. In owning stallions for over 25 years, you do not know that he is one! He gets along fantastic with other horses and I can turn him out with geldings and mares. He will breed the mares and is a perfect gentleman to the other geldings in the pasture. Dabacka is broke to ride and he is very, very calm, quiet and slow moving on the trails. He is not going to run off and his most enjoyable speed is the walk. He loves attention, he is easy to catch and has NO BAD HABITS. He has perfect white socks and the thickest feathers I have ever seen comparable to a full Gypsy Vanner. Dabacka is a TRUE GENTLE GIANT IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. He is not aggressive, studish or ill mannered. He is always turned out with other horses and totally minds his own business. He is incredibly easy going, gentle and keeps to himself. You will not find a better mannered horse/stallion anywhere!
Dances With Lady Shyla
Dances With DaVinci
Dances With Dabacka
Kayla lives in Ontario Canada and purchased Sun Kissed Sierra a gorgeous Palomino Paint Pinto Mare. Sierra was purchased sight unseen.
Wanda purchased Dances With Bolero sight unseen from us in September of 2012 and he is now at his new home in Texas.

Below are her comments, please visit our customer reference page.
Wanda From Texas
Not blowin' smoke here....he is EVERYTHING you said he was - he is perfect! That beautiful boy got here today ... settling in makin himself at home...know it will take a while for him to acclimate ... i am so happy with him ...Thank You for time and your is greatly appreciated
 Thank You, Wanda
Horses are constantly learning and being taught by YOUR actions everyday. If you allow them to be in charge or get away with things, they WILL take advantage of you. Please be responsible - because we cannot be responsible once the horse leaves our farm.

Here safe and sound! Got on her bareback and walked her around with just a halter and lead! She's amazing couldn't have a better horse, thanks Danna and Dances with Horses! She is the best horse ever! My little sisters friend rode her todays she's only 11 and Sierra was awesome putting her head down like a superstar!
Thank You, Kayla
Kayla From Canada
Magnum is a breathtaking 16.1 Hand, 10 year old, Spotted Tennessee Walker Gelding. He is Registered. He has show experience and is the ultimate trail partner. Magnum has a tail that touches the ground, a long mane, he is shod all the way around and is absolutely stunning in person. He is smooth gaited, he has no bad habits and is 100% healthy and sound. Magnum loves attention, he is great with other horses, he loads, clips, bathes, stands for the farrier, he goes camping, has been in parades and many horse shows. He has a presence about him that is incredible to watch and he loves to show off. He is very gentle, safe and a fantastic trail horse. He has tremendous stamina and does not tire and will go wherever you point him with no fuss and no resistance. Magnum is the ultimate horse for the discriminating buyer that wants the entire package, presence, style, fantastic smooth gaits, personality and he is gorgeous!
Hayle is a gorgeous Black and White Pinto Morgan Mare. She has been shown by advanced beginner kids, extensively trail ridden and she is extremely well broke. She is very forward moving and would make an excellent 4H horse for a younger child. She is 10 years old and registered with the International Spotted Horse Association and she stands 14.2H tall. She is very loving, easy going, gentle and 100% healthy and sound. She loads, clips, bathes, she is excellent with the farrier and does not require shoes. She has been overnight camping and will go wherever you point her. She is not spooky under saddle and loves to go riding. She is easy to catch and a joy to work with, she loves attention and grooming. Hayle is very flashy and loves to show off. She has been ridden English and Western and has lots of miles in the saddle. Hayle is an amazing mare.
Dances With Avalon
Sean From Illinois
Sean purchased Dances With Avalon in September of 2012.

Below are his comments, please visit our customer reference page.
We received Avalon last night and he is truly a magnificent horse. He is very sweet and is everything I expected. Thank you so much. Sean
Diane From Maryland
Diane purchased Dances With Mosaic Beauty in June of 2012.

Below are her comments, please visit our customer reference page.
Hi Anna,
I'm sorry I'm late getting back to you.... Good Grief.

I love Beauty., What a Sweetheart. I will send you some pics soon.

Thank You
Gorgeous Horses For Sale
Chrome (Lexa) is a gorgeous and exotic marked Tennessee Walker, she is registered with the International Spotted Horse Association. She is 12 years old and she stands 16 hands tall. She is incredibly smooth with hundreds of trail miles. She is very experienced, not spooky and an excellent trail partner. She is 100% healthy and sound and sells with a current coggins, health certificate, worming and vaccination record. She is excellent with the farrier, loads, clips, bathes and has no bad habits. Chrome has been in parades, overnight camping, she is road and traffic safe. She has gorgeous coloring and wonderful markings. Her gaits are as smooth as silk and anyone can ride Lexa. She is very well trained and responsive under saddle and will do whatever is asked of her. Chrome is excellent with other horses and she is NOT marish at all. She is a beautiful mare with an incredible ride. She is SMOOTH, SMOOTH SMOOTH!
Shyla is a GORGEOUS Registered 17.2H Clydesdale Mare. Shyla is as close to bombproof as any horse can possibly be. She is absolutely safe for any rider of any level, total beginner to advanced. She has been ridden by 3 year olds up to 80 years old. She is 100% not spooky, completely not phased by any type of commotion or startling event. We have shot a gun off her back and she stands quietly. She is husband safe, child safe, beginner safe and a perfect family horse. PERFECT LESSON HORSE! She is very easy going, absolutely no bad habits whatsoever. She is easy to catch, saddle, ride, load, bathe, clip, etc. She is extremely well broke to ride and she is broke to drive. Shyla is perfect as a confidence builder or first horse in spite of her large size. She is kind, gentle, loving, extremely affectionate and wants to be in your back pocket. This is an incredible horse with dogs, goats, llamas, alpacas etc roaming with her while we ride and she is a dream. She sells with a current coggins, health certificate, she is current on worming, vaccination and farrier care. Truly a Gentle Giant and she changes with beautiful colors with the seasons!!
Our Farm
Our Farm
Rain is a drop dead gorgeous black overo gelding double registered Friesian Sporthorse and Registered with the International Spotted Horse Registry. He is 6 years old, 16.2H tall and absolutely stunning. Rain is professionally trained and trail ridden extensively. He is one in a million as a black overo Friesian Sporthorse with his gorgeous markings, conformation, disposition and incredible class. Rain is very smooth under saddle with impeccable manners and loves people. He is 100% healthy and sound and ready for any discipline. He is very forward moving would make a fantastic dressage, jumping, eventing or show horse. He is exotic in every way and carries himself with tremendous class and presence. He gets noticed everywhere he goes!
Phone: (517) 499-8266
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DaVinci is a stunning Registered Friesian Percheron Sporthorse Gelding. He is 17.2H and 7 years old. He is breathtaking in person and was professional trained. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO AND A VIDEO: WWW.DANCESWITHHORSES.COM He is 100% healthy and sound and gorgeous. DaVinci is a very forward mover and loves to ride. DaVinci is currently ridden English and Western and will be fantastic in the show ring or as a pleasure sport mount. DaVinici is an amazingly gorgeous horse with perfect conformation. He would be a fantastic Jousting type horse, eventing, cross country, Dressage, Jumping, Police Mount, etc. He looks very much like a Friesian in the way that he carries himself and has an incredible trot that you can sit without having to post. He is big bodied but very streamlined and floats at the trot and a canter that is to die for, it is a beautiful smooth canter that you can ride all day long. DaVinci is not lazy but instead very responsive to his cues and forward moving. He is not a horse that you have to prod along, he will stay in his gaits as asked. He is not recommended for young or inexperienced handlers simply due to his large size and forward movement. He is gentle and well trained and very responsive under saddle. DaVinci is 100% healthy and sound. He is current on all worming and vaccinations and a vet exam is welcomed. He gets along with other horses with no issues. He is big, bold, absolutely gorgeous and like no other under saddle.coggins, health certificate, she is current on worming, vaccination and farrier care. Truly a Gentle Giant!!
Phone: (517) 499-8266
Phone: (517) 499-8266
Dances With Echo
Echo is an absolutely gorgeous Jet Black Double Registered Rocky Mountain Horse and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse. She is 6 years old and stands a solid 16h and she has perfect conformation. She has a long thick tail to the ground and a beautiful long mane and forelock. Echo has zero bad habits and is very well broke to ride. She is a dream trail horse and truly one of a kind based on her looks and amazing disposition. She is ridden weekly on the trails at a local state park and we have ridden her down the road with traffic. She is very steady, not spooky and sensible when she encounters new things. She is very loving, affectionate, gentle and always easy to catch. She enjoys being groomed and looks forward to trail riding. She is easy to saddle, bridle and she stands quietly for mounting and dismounting with or without a mounting block. Echo will load, clip, bath, trailer and stand for the farrier. She is extremely willing on the trails and enjoys jumping obstacles with no resistance. She is a horse that always carries herself with tremendous grace and is light in the mouth with a natural headset and beautiful smooth gaits. Echo sells 100% healthy and sound, she has a current negative coggins, health certificate as well as current worming and vaccinations records all up to date. Echo is a remarkable young horse that will be a fantastic trail partner, show horse or family horse.
Too Hot For U
Phone: (517) 499-8266
Phone: (517) 499-8266
Dear Danna,
I just wanted to let you know how Zorro is doing. What a great addition to our family he has been. He is quite a character and he is doing very well with us here in Oregon. He has befriended everyone who meets him and seems to like all ages the youngest rider was 1 year old. The vet said he was like a dog with a horse suit on. I think she is right. We have taken him to the coast of Oregon down into canyons and up to the top of Buttes he likes it all once he gets going. We are hoping for some trips into the Cascade Mountains the spring and summer. He has a companion here too she is a Peruvian Paso and they are suited very well for each other. Anyhow thank-you again for selling us Zorro we hope to spend a long and fun life together. Bill and Bev
Friesian Walker Cross
Bill From Oregeon
Dances With Salton
Congratulations To Stefanie
Sold to Arizona
Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Silver is an exotic one in a million gorgeous gentle and very unique Grey Sabino Spotted Gaited Tennessee Walker Gelding. He is registered and absolutely safe for any level of rider including beginners, he is very well trained and a joy to own and a VERY smooth ride. He is 15.2H tall and 10 years old. He is registered. He is flawless in every way on the trails and very smooth. Silver is very gentle, kind, not spooky and a confidence builder. He has extensive trail miles and is a perfect confidence builder. He has beautiful smooth gaits and is a fantastic trail partner for all riders. He would make a fabulous all around family horse, show horse or go into any discipline and he is a joy to ride. Silver is 100% healthy and sound and current on all vaccinations, worming and coggins. He gets along with other horses, he is not aggressive or pushy. He is safe for any level of rider to handle and ride and will take care of the rider on the trails. Silver would be a fantastic 4H or show horse for a youth due to his stunning color and exotic looks.
Phone: (517) 499-8266
Oz is an absolutely gorgeous Registered 8 yr old Friesian Gelding. Oz stands a solid 16.1 hands tall and is a total gentleman on the ground and under saddle. He is absolutely safe for any level of rider including beginners. He has been ridden on trails extensively in addition to professional training. He rides English, Western, & Bareback. He has a wonderfully smooth walk, trot and canter and will back on command. Oz is very, very gentle, easy to ride and absolutely flawless with zero bad habits. He has the legendary sweet Friesian disposition. He will stand for the farrier, he loads, clips, baths and is not spooky. He is 100% healthy and sound with no bad habits. Oz is truly a magnificant gelding with perfect conformation and fairytale looks. Oz is a fantastic all around family, trail or show horse. He has been trail riding, camping, and loves to go riding. He is truly a fairytale Friesian and the entire package with his looks, disposition and smooth ride. Oz sells with a current coggins, health certificate and current worming and vaccination record.
Too Hot For U (Celtic) is an beautiful Registered American Saddlebred Gelding. He was sired by the gorgeous black and white stallion, Nite Chrome. He is very well started under sadldle walk, trot, canter and backing on command. He is being ridden weekly and on trails every weekend including overnight camping. Celtic will stand around 15.2 - 15.3 when he is done growing and he is currently in that obvious growing stage. He has a gorgeous long white mane and tail that almost touches the ground already. He has an incredible blue eye and the other eye is black with a small blue portion in it. Celtic is incredibly gentle under saddle, very easy going, not hot and not spooky at all. He has never done anything wrong under saddle, he is very intelligent, even tempered and gentle and smooth. Celtic has the nicest, quietest temperment you will find in any horse. He loves people and saddles with zero issues even for a beginner. He is going to be a fantastic family, trail or show horse. He follows you everywhere and absolutely loves attention. He is 100% healthy and sound and sells with a current coggins and health certificate as well as vaccination and worming record.
Phone: (517) 499-8266